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Recreation in the Rangeley Lakes Region

The Best Outdoor Playground

Winter is obviously our jam, but there's nothing quite like a Rangeley summer. Whether you're casting a line or catching the sunset, there's limitless beauty and adventure to be found.


Water, water, everywhere: That’s not the slogan of the aptly-named Rangeley Lakes Region, but it sure could be. And with that water comes some of the best fishing in New England. Whether you’re after brookies or bass (or pretty much any other northern freshwater species, for that matter), you’ll fine ample opportunity to cast a line in the many lakes, rivers, and streams surrounding Rangeley. For more information, contact the Rangeley Region Guides’ and Sportsman’s Association.


With two golf courses to choose from, and a spectacular backdrop everywhere you look, Rangeley has plenty of options for getting out on the greens. Just don’t blame us if you get distracted by the amazing views and whiff a shot or two (you wouldn’t do that, would you?)

Evergreen Golf Club, (207) 864-9055
Mingo Springs Golf Course, (207) 864-5021


Rangeley is a region of tremendous biodiversity, making it an ideal place to spot birds and other wildlife. From jays, to hawks, to woodpeckers, and even bald eagles, the abundance of bird life in this region is a feast for the eyes and the ears. And if you’re so inclined, you can even take a nature photography workshop and learn how to bring your discoveries home. Look for more information about birding in the Rangeley area here.