EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

In Partnership With ReVision Energy

Did you know Saddleback Mountain has 12 EV chargers on site? A host of investments are being made at the mountain to reduce Saddleback's carbon footprint, including a 7-megawatt DC solar farm and new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These investments are part of Saddleback's larger commitment to sustainable development. The solar farm will eventually harvest enough clean energy to power Saddleback's lifts, lodge, and snowmaking operations, while still selling power back to the grid. The EV charging stations were installed in the fall of 2022 as a partnership with Revision Energy.

Why Drive Electric?

We’re stepping up our commitment to making a positive impact by bringing the environmental and financial benefits of EV charging to Saddleback Mountain!

We partnered with Montville-based ReVision Energy to install (12) J 1772 EV chargers on-site. It is thrilling to take this step on our greater journey toward sustainability through our partnership. ReVision is an employee-owned, B-Corp and shares our dedication to people and community. We are excited to join them in leading Maine, and the ski industry, to a clean future.

Converting transportation is one of the biggest steps humanity has to take to get to a carbon-neutral society. When you drive EV, you’re supporting that transition with every mile you drive.

  • No tailpipe emissions mean cleaner air and healthier people and the planet.
  • EV + solar means you can power your commute on pure sunshine.
  • With fuel prices always rising, driving an EV is cheaper and more efficient than fossil fuels.
  • A simpler engine with minimal tune-up means lower maintenance costs.
  • “Fueling up” is convenient and easy when you can charge at home…or your favorite ski mountain.
  • Every time another solar panel goes up, it gets even cleaner to drive electric.

Download the Enel X Way app to charge [Apple] [Android].  See availability via PlugShare or EVHYPE

Rate: $0.45/kWh

WiFi: Network-Saddleback Guest  Password- saddleback [all lowercase]

NOTICE: Make sure to tap the MAP icon in the bottom left of the app.  Then you can Tap the QR CODE to Scan and activate.


Learn more about Revision Energy.



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