Summer Activities

Mountain Biking

The Saddleback Bike Park is designed to be family-friendly, with wide berms, gentle jumps, and a forgiving surface that is easy to ride. The trail’s design also allows riders to control their speed easily, making it easy for beginners to build their confidence without feeling intimidated.

For more experienced riders, the trail offers plenty of features to challenge their skills. The trail includes drops, jumps, and technical sections that require precision and skill to navigate. However, the trail is designed in such a way that riders can choose to bypass more challenging features, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

The Saddleback Bike Park is designed to build skills with features that are carefully crafted to help riders develop their techniques. For example, the trail includes rollers that are spaced in such a way that riders can practice jumping and landing without feeling overwhelmed. The trail also includes banked turns that help riders learn how to control their speed and navigate berms smoothly.

Overall, the Saddleback Mountain Bike Park is an excellent option for families and beginners looking to get into downhill mountain biking. With its family-friendly design and focus on skill building, the trail offers a fun and challenging experience for riders of all levels. And with its stunning views and beautiful surroundings, riders can enjoy not just the ride but also the mountain’s natural beauty!