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Saddleback's Ticket Assurance Policy:

Making plans to visit Saddleback is exciting and we always look forward to seeing you, but we also understand that sometimes plans just don't work out and changes to those plans have to be made. If something comes between you and your visit to the mounain, please email with your order confirmation and reason for transfer. We will issue a credit for another day at Saddleback. Terms: credit must be used for the 2020/2021 season. Credit is non-transferrable and can be used for the same number of days or longer. No refund is given for a lower priced ticket.

An Important Note On Online Ticket Pickup

  • After purchasing online, you will receive two emails: 1.) an email verifying your order is being processed 2.) Your receipt and the QR code needed to pick up your tickets.
  • When you arrive, please go into the first green tent located by the ticket office window. At the back of this tent there are two ticket pickup kiosks where you can scan the QR code from the second email.
  • When scanning the QR code, please make sure your screen brightness is turned all the way up and your phone is not in dark mode.

First time using RFID?

Here's what you should know:

  • Wear the RFID card on the left side of your body (this is the side the gate reads from).
  • Make sure there are no credit cards, other ski resort passes or phones in the same pocket.
  • DO NOT punch holes in your RFID card.
  • RFID cards do not need to be visible to read properly, so you can keep your card inside your pocket.
  • Save your RFID card! They are reloadable. You can reload your RFID card here.

Ticket Product Age Groups

  • Super Senior 80+
  • Senior 65-79
  • Adult 19-64
  • Teen 13-18
  • Junior 6-12
  • Child 5 and under
  • Please note there is a one-time $5 RFID card fee for all ticket products, even ticket products listed as "FREE" will incur this fee.