Hiking Saddleback Mountain

Guidelines for Summer & Fall Hiking at Saddleback

At 4,120' in elevation, Saddleback Mountain has been a hiking destination in the Rangeley Region for decades. The Appalachian Trail crosses the summit so Saddleback has been a path for many AT thru-hikers over the years. Saddleback welcomes hikers. If you have not hiked the mountain before, please keep these tips and rules in mind.

  • We all love a good leg burner day on the slopes. You can get the same great workout at Saddleback in the summertime. There are two main hiking routes up Saddleback Mountain's ski resort side. The road by way of Lower Green Weaver and the most direct route, Grey Ghost. It’s 1.8 miles from the lodge to the summit (via Grey Ghost + Tri-Color) and another 1.7 miles to the Horn from the summit. 
  • Saddleback is Maine’s 3rd largest alpine zone, the ecosystem above the treeline is extremely fragile, please always travel on durable surfaces such as rock or bare dirt.
  • Plan ahead and prepare, pack plenty of water and extra layers, at over 4,000 feet the weather on the mountain will be much different than in the town of Rangeley. It can be cold and windy on the summit even in mid-summer.
  • We all love our dogs, but please be considerate of other visitors, and the fragile ecosystem and keep dogs on leash above the tree line.
  • There is active construction going on during the summer and early fall at Saddleback. Please be aware of construction vehicle traffic and allow the vehicles to pass.
  • Hike at your own risk. Please be aware there are no on-mountain emergency services available.
  • There will be a new Appalachian Trail Conservancy hiking kiosk at the base area this summer. More info coming soon! You can view the ATC trail map and guide to hiking Saddleback Mountain here.

sunset from the summit

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Enjoy a Guided Hike With Our Outdoor Programs Team

Saddleback Mountain is located in the heart of the Western Maine High Peak's region. This summer, Saddleback's Outdoor Programs department will offer guided hikes of Saddleback Mountain. These trips will be available upon request and will be booked directly through the website or by calling our Guest Services Desk. We’ll carry the freshly packed lunch, first aid kit, and any other equipment to ensure a safe, and fun hiking experience. More trip dates and information on our summer schedule to come!

For a complete list of area nature trails, check out the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust conservation land. Information on scenic trails and nature walks are listed on the RLHT website.