Lift Operations Notice

All Lift Served Ski Operations Closed Thursday, Feb. 25th

Please Read!

Hello Saddleback Family. We will be closing Saddleback’s lift served ski operation on Thursday, February 25th all day. Saddleback has a non-safety related maintenance requirement to perform on our new Rangeley Detachable Quad Chairlift. This required maintenance will be performed starting Wednesday evening and be complete some time Thursday evening. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. 

We will however be open for uphill touring, the Pub will be serving from noon until 9 p.m. as usual, retail will be open all day and it’s a great time to try some of our new Volkl/Dalbello touring set ups and enjoy one of New England’s best uphill experiences. The second floor cafe and Fat Tire Mountain Bar will be closed for the day.

We are expecting to be completely open for business as usual on Friday, February 26th and will keep you informed of any changes. 

Thank you for understanding and continued support. 
- Your Saddleback Team

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