Baxter Outdoors Vertical Challenge

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Join Saddleback and Baxter Outdoors for the Will Hike for Beer Vertical Challenge!

Saturday, March 26, 2022


Join us for another fantastic opportunity to explore the mountains of Maine, against the grain of gravity. This timed event will take racers on an ascent of Saddleback’s dedicated uphill trail along the western flanks of the mountain. From the top, athletes will descend back to the Lodge. The goal of this race is to bag the fastest lap, but there’s a catch…you’ll qualify for additional prizes for each additional lap you ascend/descend. While time awards will only be awarded for a fastest individual lap, we will have several higher-caliber prizes and additional beer tickets for all multi-lap categories.


This race will begin at 10 am with a final lap start time cut-off at 12 pm (meaning no additional laps may begin AFTER 12p). Lap times will start and finish at the base lodge. After completing one lap, racers may either call it or decide to do an additional lap(s). Additional laps will place racers into a new category for prizes as well as an additional beer ticket per lap included in their entry (21+ years only for beer tickets). Multi lap racers’ fastest lap time will be calculated from the best lap of all their laps. Stick around afterward for shenanigans courtesy of Baxter Brewing Co.


There will be two race categories for this one: SkiMo and Heavy Metal. SkiMo will be for lightweight AT gear and SkiMo gear below 85mm under toe. Heavy metal will include anything over 85mm under toe (i.e. traditional tele setups, split boards, and ‘heavy’ AT setups). Please select your division during registration. After the race, stick around for food and Baxter beers on tap in Saddleback’s Pub. Tickets coming soon. You can register here.



10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Tickets Coming Soon!