Baxter Brewing Beer Dinner

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Baxter Brewing Beer Dinner at Saddleback

Tuesday, July 27th 6-8PM in the Pub

Our friends at Baxter Brewing out of Lewiston, Maine, invite you to a special craft beer dinner at the Pub at Saddleback on Tuesday, July 27. This menu highlights Baxter’s Coastal Haze IPA, Logger Road Lager, Stowaway IPA and Out of Range Blueberry Ale. Kick back, relax and enjoy four courses prepared by Chef Shaun while the Baxter Brewing team explains each select beer pairing. Cost is $50 per person for the four-course menu and does not include the cost of the beer. Limited seating available. Max of 60 people. Click here to reserve your seat!





Course 1
Coastal Haze IPA - bangs island mussels, coconut cream, jerk sauce, garnished with pickled hot pepper, baguette 

Course 2
Logger Road Ale - al pastor tacos, mango lime salsa, logger road roasted pork, garnished with fresh herbs and deep fried garlic

Course 3
Stowaway IPA - grilled linguica, tri pepper confit, sun-dried tomatoes, cajun style cream sauce, fettuccine, finished with shaved parmesan

Course 4
Out of Range Blueberry - beer cobbler, fresh blueberries reduced in Baxter beer, served with whipped cream and a blueberry lemon sauce 


6:00 PM - 8:30 PM




$50 per person