Après Music Series: Austin & Green Duo

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Après Music Series: Bob Greene & Special Guests

It's not a day until you après!


Best known to Saddlebackers as a longtime member of the Pro Ski Patrol, Bob also has a diverse and successful background as a musician, artist, actor, singer/songwriter, and record producer. He founded the late 60’s band Royal Aircoach whose 1968 single “Wondering Why” hit the radio airwaves and helped to define the psychedelic era. He toured with productions of Grease and Jesus Christ Superstar in the early ’70s and later played with Up Country whose record “Playin’ Possum” cracked the top 60. Bob has played on numerous studio sessions for other artists and TV/Film productions. A master of unique acoustic guitar tunings and capo placements Bob will bring his six and twelve-string guitars to Saddleback for two shows this summer. Expect anything from classic folk and modern ballads to unplugged versions of rock standards, country, and blues along with some originals as well.


3:00 PM - 6:00 PM