Advanced Touring Skills

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Join our Roger Page Ski and Ride School Instructors for this Acadia Mountain Guides (AMG) course - Advanced Touring Skills. We will also offer a Women's Specific Advanced Touring course on Friday, March 19th. This course will be a day of advanced winter travel skills for experienced skiers and riders looking to push further into the backcountry or steeper terrain. Alpine touring and split-board equipment required. 


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Acadia Mountain Guides (AMG) Advanced Backcountry Touring Skills course is a one-day advanced winter travel skills focused session that will allow you to push into more remote terrain while traveling efficiently and with finesse. We will explore what gear should be added to your arsenal as a skier/boarder looking to push deeper into more challenging terrain, and proper techniques to use the added equipment safely and effectively. By partnering with Saddleback Ski Area we are able to quickly access terrain in which we can practice our new skills in a controlled environment allowing for quick progression.


Day 1 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM); Introductions, complete registration paperwork. Brief presentation/orientation to technical equipment, explore contents of our backcountry skiing packs, and a brief discussion of layering. From there we will head out on the snow to explore new skills pieces of technical equipment and understanding when it is appropriate to use each tool and technique.

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Gear intro/orientation on: 

  • Crampons
  • Ski Crampons
  • Mountaineering Axe

Overview of Course Learning Points:

  • What's in your pack?
  • How to use ski crampons
  • How to use boot crampons
  • When to use boot crampons
  • How to use mountaineering axe
  • When to use mountaineering axe
  • How to travel in complex backcountry terrain (utilizing steep trails and wooded areas to set skin tracks).

To learn more and sign up email or call 207-864-5671 Ext. 139.




$150, includes course and uphill ticket

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