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Love Finds a Way (Atop Saddleback)

On Valentine's Day, we would like to share some stories of how Saddleback has brought couples together from far and wide.


Tina & Pat Hinman - Married on March 28, 2020 at Saddleback


In what might be the first “virtual wedding” atop Saddleback, on March 28, 2020, an engaged couple hiked up the Grey Ghost and Tri-Color trails with backpacks full of wedding attire and a laptop. After changing and setting up their laptop with a Zoom meeting invite for family members, Tina and Pat exchanged vows and rings to seal the deal. Family members and special friends across the country dressed in their wedding attire and joined in remotely. The couple who are attending medical school in Providence, Rhode Island had intended to be married there on April 19 in a traditional, large wedding ceremony, but the trajectory of COVID-19 changed all that. Undaunted, Tina and Pat decided to drive up and stay at the Rangeley vacation home of the bride’s family, with the intention of marrying in a community and at a place so special to them. Tory Johnson, a local professional photographer, captured it for posterity (while maintaining proper social distancing!). Watch Tina and Pat's Saddleback wedding here.


tina and pat saddleback wedding

tina and pat saddleback wedding

tina and pat saddleback wedding


Do you have a Saddleback love story? We want to hear it!


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Photography: Tory Johnson