About Us

Saddleback Mountain

The World Doesn't Need Another Ski Area; It Needs A Different Ski Area

With lift access above 4,000’, a vertical drop of 2,000’, 68 runs, and 225” of annual snowfall, Saddleback has always been one of the most impressive ski mountains in New England.

But the story of Saddleback is so much more than the story of our impressive numbers. That’s because there is no other resort quite like Saddleback. Being owned by an impact fund - Boston-based Arctaris Impact Fund - gives us a mission beyond being a profitable ski area. Our mission includes a relationship and commitment to our communities, which serve as the touchstone for everything we do, both on and off the mountain.

What do we mean by that? We mean that Saddleback is resolute in our promise to break down the barriers that stand between our communities and the challenge, confidence, adventure, and sheer fun that awaits on this mountain. And we are equally committed to doing everything we can to strengthen the vitality of all people within these communities, whether they join us on the mountain or not. Their health and happiness, their economic well-being, their access to healthcare, workforce development, daycare, affordable housing  and even the environment in which they live, work, and play; all are important to us, because we recognize that none of us stand alone. 

This is a tall order for a ski mountain, and we do not expect to get everything right at every step on our journey. What we do expect, and what we are 100% dedicated to achieving, is to conduct ourselves with humility, transparency, and simple integrity. 

Our terrain is naturally segmented by degree of difficulty, making it easy for you to find - and stay within - your comfort zone. 

Kennebago Steeps
Welcome to the largest steep skiing & riding facility in the East, featuring black and double black diamond trails and hand-cut glades, including the infamous Casablanca Chutes. This swath of self-contained high elevation advanced terrain is accessed via its own Quad Chairlift. 

Rangeley Area
Here’s where you’ll find a wide diversity of terrain for intermediates, with a few black diamonds thrown in for good measure, and a long, easier run that loops away from the other trails.

South Branch Area
Just getting started, or looking for a mellow day with the family? South Branch is a fantastic place for learning, and ideal for skiers and riders of all ages and abilities. Located below the lodge and separated from the rest of the mountain with its own easy-loading Quad Chairlift, South Branch boasts 14 trails and gentle glades totaling 4 miles.