Saddleback is always looking for great content to use in its marketing, social media and promotional materials and to share with its skiers and riders.

Please use the form below to upload your favorite Saddleback photo or video. We may or may not use them.  The point is to have fun and share what you like best about Saddleback.


Content Guidelines:

Only pictures and video taken by you and owned by you are allowed - we reserve the right to delete 'not-own content' without a warning!

Following types of content is NOT allowed and will not be used:

- commercial content
- racist content
- sexist content (no nudes or sexually explicit content)
- violent content ('hit&run/happy-slapping', 'criminal activities', guns etc.)
- drugs and drug related content
- links to third party sites/services
- political and religious content

- copyright content:
- pics/videos with www-addresses, copyright, TM, watermarks etc.
- music videos
- commercials
- content from other mobile entertainment companies
- content taken from another third party

We take NO responsibility for lost or damaged content, please save your pictures on another storage media as well! Continuous uploading of content in breach of the uploading rules may lead to cancellation of your upload possibility.

We reserve the right to use content uploaded/generated in the form of TV, promotion, specials, downloads, advertisements, etc. PLEASE remember: Do NOT upload any content you don't wish others to see, anything that can be looked at can be copied somehow. Make sure if you have people in your pictures and video that you have their permission to share it with Saddleback. Thanks and have fun!


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I hereby grant permission to Saddleback to use my photo/video on its World Wide Web site, in official printed publications, and other media forms and I acknowledge SADDLEBACK’s right to crop or treat the photo/video at its discretion. I also understand that once my image is posted on SADDLEBACK’s website, the image can be downloaded by any computer user. Therefore I agree to indemnify and hold harmless from claim SADDLEBACK, its owners, employees and agents.
Others Permission *
I hereby acknowledge that I have permission from all parties in my submission and shall hold Saddleback harmless from any suit brought by a third party for use of my material.

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