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About the SaddleBack Ski Club

The primary purpose of the SaddleBack Ski Club (SBSC) is to provide a high level of technical and tactical skiing skills for intermediate and above skiers aged 8-18. It is a complete team effort that involves professionally certified and experienced coaches, athletes, parents and mountain management. Through the development of advanced skiing skills, the SBSC coaching staff encourages and fosters self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance in all participating athletes. The spirit of cooperation embraced by the Saddleback Ski Area allows the SBSC to offer high quality snow surfaces, a high on-task learning environment on a variety of different terrain and a relaxed friendly atmosphere at this family oriented resort.

As a US Skiing Association (USSA) and Maine Alpine Racing Association (MARA) member club, the SBSC promotes competitive ski racing. Membership in USSA and MARA is required for all seasonal athletes. While first year members are not required to participate at ski races outside of Saddleback, returning members are encouraged to compete in a minimal racing schedule of events at nearby resorts on select weekend days as their skills advance.

We provide an environment where young athletes learn the sport of ski racing in an enjoyable, supportive manner that encourages personal growth and fulfillment, not only as athletes, but as human beings. By setting and then achieving realistic but challenging goals, athletes learn the reward of hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.

General membership provides full access to our seasonal training program, Fridays through Sundays, including holidays and vacation weeks, and runs from resort opening in mid December to resort closing mid March. It also includes preseason dryland training guidance, physical testing and access to preseason and summer ski training camps (at additional cost). We also invite parents to join our social outings and get-togethers such as barbecues, après-ski parties, and parent education sessions on ski tuning, equipment fitting and selection, race management and alpine officials orientation.

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2013-14 SBSC Program Fees

Upper intermediate/advanced skiers aged 8-18 are welcome to join us for a day of training free of charge.
• Full seasonal program: $1,200.00
• Holiday/vacation week camps: $300.00
• 5 day flex training sessions: $200.00
• 10 day flex training sessions: $375.00
• Single training sessions: $50.00
• Learn-To-Race Program: $550.00

The cost of flex sessions and/or holiday camps can be applied to a seasonal program (prorated) cost during the season.

Andrew & Greta - technical synchronized training, February 2013

Zane Reservitz - Slalom race at Titcomb, February 2013

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Test Score Sheet       

T Test Instructions

Learn-To-Race Ski Program

This Saturday-only seasonal program is for advanced skiers 8-14 years, comfortable on black diamond trails and glades.  It's staffed & run by the Saddleback Ski Club, and designed to introduce young skiers to performance alpine ski racing, developing their skills carving turns, managing speed & managing the ice.
This year's program starts December 28, and includes a special bonus Sunday session December 29th.
It runs through March 15 (13 potential sessions), and meets from 8:30 to 2:30.  Program cost is $550.00.
Skiers who progress rapidly and would like to join the full weekend Saddleback Ski Club program are welcome to do so at any time, and may apply their program fee to a prorated cost for joining the club.

The focus is for skiers to:
have fun skiing with a fast group of skiers, coached by trained & experienced ski racers

  improve their skills on the entire mountain and in all terrain

        - be introduced to the basic skills of slalom and giant slalom ski racing

        - learn the basic rules and language of alpine ski racing

        - be evaluated using Skills Quest*, phase 2 & 3, US Skiing Associations' tool to measure fundamental skiing skills

           (pressure, edging, rotary & balance)



Contact Us


Program Director/Head Coach

Ron Bonnevie

207 491-7134

Assistant Coach

Jon Adkins

207 446-6099

Ski Club President

Andy Reservitz

508 942-6901

Ski Club Vice President

Jonathan Wagner

760 861-5259

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