Uphill access by means of skinning, snowshoeing and hiking has gained popularity at Saddleback Ski Area in recent years. The ski area welcomes and supports individuals seeking to exercise and enjoy the quiet mountain setting. All uphill travel is done at each individual’s own risk. Mountain users can help preserve this opportunity by following these simple guidelines:

1. You are required to purchase an uphill access pass. This pass is available at the Saddleback Ticket Office during normal operational hours.

2. You are considered a skier under the Maine Skier Statue and you must abide by “Your Responsibility Code.”

3. During operation hours, uphill access is restricted to the skier’s right of Green Weaver, Tri-Color, and Grey Ghost. If you would to climb a different trail please talk to Ski Patrol staff.

4. You must ensure that you are visible to downhill traffic at all times.

5. The mountain may be closed to uphill access when avalanche control, snowmaking, race training, or other special activities are taking place.

6. Ski Patrol clears the mountain of all guests and employees at the end of operating hours every day. If you are on the mountain at this time you will be required to return to the base.

7. Users accessing the mountain outside of normal operating hours do so at their own risk. Operational conditions may be variable including, but not limited to: closures removed for grooming operations, unfinished grooming activities, and limited visibility.

8. Uphill users are warned that snowmobiles, snowmaking equipment, snow grooming, winch cat cables and other equipment may be encountered at any time on the Mountain and you are responsible to stay clear of such equipment.

9. Entering closed terrain is prohibited. It is the user’s responsibility to know what is open or closed.

10. Terrain Parks are closed outside operational hours.

11. Dogs are not allowed on the mountain.

12. Sledding is not permitted on any part of the mountain at any time.



Saddleback Ski Area does not recommend out of bounds skiing or riding. Saddleback’s Ski Area boundaries are not marked by ropes. The boundaries are: the bottom of the South Branch Chairlift, the skier’s left of Hudson Highway, the skier’s right of Muleskinner, and the Patrol Station at the top of the Kennebago Chairlift. Please refer to a map and if you have any questions about these boundaries please ask ski patrol. If you choose to leave our boundaries you must follow these rules:

1. Do not exit the ski area unless you meet the following criteria:

a) You are familiar with your route outside the area

b) You are with a group or buddy

2. Deadly hazards exist outside Saddleback’s boundary including avalanches, terrain traps, low or no visibility, confusing routes, crevasses and tree wells. By leaving the ski area, you understand and accept the risk of death or injury from these and all other hazards.

3. Once you are outside the ski area boundary, you are responsible for your own safety, transportation and evacuation. Help, if available at all, will be hours away.


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