Riding the Lifts

  • Boarding the Lift - Boarding the chairlift can be dangerous, use extreme caution at all times. Before boarding, move ski poles to one hand, then utilize the free hand to grab the chair and sit.
  • Riding the Lift - No Horseplay - When riding the lift keep your ski tips up and hold tightly to your poles and gear. Keep the safety bar down during the ride, and never lean forward, swing your legs excessively or cause the chairlift to swing. Stay alert to your surroundings during the ride.
  • The Safety Bar - When riding the lift, always keep the safety bar down until told to raise it. Lower the bar slowly, and only raise it when you are approaching the station.
  • Disembarking the Lift - When approaching the station, raise your skis slightly so you can glide off the lift. After standing up, ski to one side, out of the way of other lift passengers.
  • Dropping Personal Items - If you feel something about to drop, resist the urge to lean over and grab the item while the lift is in motion. Let it drop. Wait until you reach the station and the operator will help you safely retrieve your items.

Riding the Cupsuptic T-Bar
for Skiers

Loading Instructions - Always ask the Lift attendant if you are unsure for instructions.

  • Remove straps from wrists.
  • Hold poles in outside hand.
  • Step quickly into position.
  • Look over inside shoulder, grasp bar as it approaches and place against back of thighs.
  • Do Not Sit Down

Riding Instructions

  • Flex Knees.
  • Keep skis in tracks.
  • Do Not Sit Down or Lean Back.
  • Get off only at designated area.

Unloading Instructions

  • First person skis away from the unloading area while the other holds the bar.
  • Second person releases the bar gently and then skis quickly away.

Riding the Cupsuptic T-Bar
for Snowboarders

  • Ask for help if you are having trouble getting the hang of riding the T-bar lift. Lift operators and snowboarding instructors are often helpful if you need help learning to ride a T-bar lift.
  • As you approach the lift loading area, unclip your back foot from the binding.
  • Move to the lift track when it is your turn to get on. Lean on the bar at the same time as your lift-riding partner so the bar does not swing. The best way to do this is for both of you to grab the T-bar's middle shaft as it approaches you and squat down a little.
  • Point your front foot forward so your snowboard is not caught in the snow on your way to the top of the hill. While riding the T-bar lift, your snowboard will not leave the ground. The lift will simply pull you to the top of the hill. Do not lean too far back, or you could fall off the lift backwards. Also avoid squatting down low because if your board gets caught in the snow you are more likely to roll forward off the lift.
  • Stand up and release yourself from the lift when you have reached the top of the hill. To do this, stand straight up and gently push off the T-bar to give yourself momentum to get off the lift track.

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