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Timeless Enchantment

A Special Place to Call Home

There are few places left in America that offer the opportunity to live in a comfortable home that is also a real part of a wooded wilderness environment . . . and Saddleback Mountain is one of the most unique of them all.

Here on Saddleback, you experience a connection to a rugged natural world where you are part of an Alpine ecosystem that includes an abundance of natural features and wildlife. It's not uncommon to watch a moose meander past your door. On secluded hiking and cross country trails you might catch a glimpse of beavers and foxes, or perhaps even the elusive fisher or bobcat. Bald eagles soar over the spruce and pine forests, rising on the wind. Nighttime strolls reward you with the hauntingly lonely sound of a loon, or the calls of owls as they seek their evening fare.

Pink-hued dawns are announced by songbirds waking to the day.

Pure lakes, rivers, and crystal clear ponds reflect the color of the sky. Rangeley brook trout and landlocked salmon invite anglers. Sparkling rivers and lakes seem to say "Let's play!" to eager kayakers.

There's no doubt about it: Each day is an opportunity to experience something inside yourself that echoes the rhythms of the world around you. Perhaps it is that almost mystical sense of place, that feeling of discovery one finds here, that explains the deep reverence so many travelers and visitors have felt for this special place over the years. Or perhaps it's something else .. . something only you can know.

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