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Saddleback Mountain comprises over 8000 acres of majestic Maine mountainside, forest and lakes. From Saddleback Lake near the northern boundary to the peak of Saddleback Mountain in the south, the entire area is privately owned by a Maine family dedicated to preserving the special qualities of this unspoiled area.

Our Long Term Planning is designed to build value and strengthen the mountain's unique appeal as a family-oriented 4-season destination resort. Carefully planned infrastructure allows for continued and appropriate development.

This emphasis on a philosophy of environmentally sensitive development guides all of Saddleback's planning for the future. Building sites follow the natural contours of the mountain. Cluster development leaves more land open and visual buffer zones ensure privacy and avoid disruption of the mountain's sight lines. All condominium units are situated on private roads, and parking areas are designed to blend into the natural surroundings.

We have a comprehensive recycling program for the ski area and our real estate developments.

Saddleback will continue to limit the use of motorized vehicles on the mountain's trails. However, the Rangeley Lakes Region offers ample opportunity for you to use your boat, snowmobile, ATV, and other recreational machines. The Mountain's winding, and often narrow, New England style skiing and hiking trails are thus reserved for other activities.

Comprehensive planning for Saddleback's future is the work of a diverse team of professionals that includes licensed civil engineers, traffic engineers, wetland scientists, wildlife biologists, soil scientists, surveyors, architects, and landscape architects as well as lift engineers, snowmaking engineers, and Alpine ski trail designers. Together, we are developing a plan to enhance the best of what this incredible place has to offer, and to share it with those who love its natural beauty as we do.



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