Casablanca Glades & Chutes

Endless Ways Down through Paradise

The wild backcountry that makes up Casablanca Glades and Chutes is part of Kennebago Steeps!, the largest steep skiing and riding facility in the East. The 12 top to bottom black and double black diamond trails and glades (of which Casablanca is part) are serviced by the Kennebago Quad Chairlift and Kennebago Station, a yurt with hot food and beverages, deck and portable restrooms.  You can stay at the high-elevation all day without having to return to the base.

From the top of the lift, as you head across the Dazzler trail below the snowfields of  Saddleback Mountain, the chutes of the vast Casablanca Glade call you into the woods.  Four chutes: each a path less traveled.  Chutes 1 and 2 draw you into a tight tree-thick glade.  Set your line and bob and weave your way through.  The lines are fresh.  Natural kickers and tree jibs at the base of Chute 2 get your attention.

Chutes 3 and 4 will surprise you, the entrance is tight, but then it opens up - raw backcountry terrain with a view to die for, sprawling over Saddleback Lake and the mountains of the Rangeley Lakes Region.  At the base of 4 a rock ledge and pillow drop put air under your feet.

Casablanca glades and chutes were cut by skiers and riders for skiers and riders.  The sawyers of Casablanca created a wonderland in the woods.  This area encompasses a huge diversity of terrain, some areas flatten out, others are steep; limbed-up trees create a maze through the forest.  As they cut, trees were felled to lay as natural rails and kickers to hit when the snow falls.  Lines were cut to catch glimpses of lakes, mountains and forest that make up Saddleback Mountain.  Snow frosted conifers create a canopy under which you ride and ski with only the sounds of the snow and your heart pounding in your chest. They have cut glades within the glades, each with a character all its own.   Explore the Casablanca  Glades and Chutes for yourself and find endless ways down through paradise.


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