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The Saddleback Snowfields are Popular after a 64 Inch Snowfall

Since my last blog and making mention the upper snowfields, I have received several emails asking me, what are the upper snowfields? So I asked our Director of Mountain Operations, Jimmy Quimby to define them for us.

 According to Jimmy Quimby, Saddleback’s summit snowfields stretch as far as the entire ridge of Saddleback Mountain. The summit snowfields have primarily been referred to as “the Summit,” but also as the Snowfields. Many years ago, the mountain used to tow people to the summit behind a snowmobile and there was a party-like atmosphere surrounding the summit. This area goes from the top of Muleskinner to the area directly over the top of America… Read More >>

Another Foot on Saddleback!

Just when you think it is over, it’s not! After yesterday’s storm wound down and we calculated the week's worth of snow be in the 52 inch range, we got a forecast for 3 to 4 inches of new snow for the overnight. No big deal compared to what we had received. To our surprise and the surprise of our snow removal staff, it dumped and we found 8 to 12 inches of new powder on the mountain! We had to scramble to get the parking lots cleaned and doors shoveled out prior to opening.

With snow comes wind and unfortunately there is a wind hold on the Rangeley Double and the Kennebago Quad. The good news is that when the lifts resume operating, hopefully Tuesday, there will be many… Read More >>

Big Snowfall puts the Upper Snowfields into Amazing Shape!

Well, the snow finally ended sometime last night, but not before depositing an additional 10 inches during the previous 24 hour period. That brought the storm total to 52 inches since Wednesday. This morning was "ski with the management day" - every Sunday we meet guests at the Rangeley chair at 7:30 AM and ski an hour with them until the lifts open at 8:30. So I was able to go product testing. The first run was a warm up down Green Weaver. Half was corduroy and skier’s right was about 6 to 8 inches of delightful powder. The groomers were foiled once again by Mother Nature. They groomed all night long only to have another dose of snow cover their corduroy. The third and last run was… Read More >>

It is all about the Snow at Saddleback!

For the second time this year, Saddleback has been buried by a multi-day snow event. As I write this blog, the snow continues dump onto Saddleback. It has become a challenge just to keep up with the accumulation numbers. Back on January 3rd,
we had a 3 day snow event that delivered up to 36 inches.  This event is much bigger! Since snow began on Wednesday, we have received between 42 and 48 inches of snow so far. The groomers worked so hard packing snow throughout the night only to have their work spoiled by additional snowfall. Check out our photo of the day with Lizzy almost waist deep on Professor this morning.

The forecast calls for snow all day…

Mother Nature over-delivers!

Yesterday’s loss is today’s gain! We lost a day of skiing & riding yesterday due to some very wild weather. Winds were gusting in the neighborhood of 70 mph and the snow was blowing sideways. It was impossible to run a lift. Snow and wind were with us all night - the result- 28 inches of new accumulation by this morning! There was alot of moisture content in the snow making ideal base-building accumulation. The groomers worked hard through the night packing as many trails as possible. Packing the snow as quickly as possible to keep it on the trails was a very good (and rare) strategy. This morning you could not even tell that it had been groomed as Mother Nature covered… Read More >>

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