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Snowmaking Moves To Tight Line

Late yesterday the snowmaking crew fired up the guns on Supervisor, Artula & Firefly. The cold temperatures and the diminished winds allowed the snowmaking crew to put down huge amounts of snow in a relatively short period of time. The snowmaking plan was to stay on Supervisor for a couple of days before moving to Tight Line. Upon inspection of the snowmaking progress, the plan quickly changed. Because of the amount of snow produced, we decided to save a day of snowmaking and to start pulling guns from Supervisor and relocate them to Tight Line. We are still in the process of moving, but very soon we will have all of Tight Line lit up top to bottom as pictured here from an earlier… Read More >>

The Skiing Weatherman, Herb Stevens visits Saddleback Today

Today we had a scheduled visit by The Skiing Weatherman, Herb Stevens. For those of you not familiar with Herb, he visits a different ski resort each Monday to produce his skiing weather forecast for the upcoming weekend. Herb's show is aired on major network TV channels in 11 different metropolitan markets including Portland ME, Manchester NH, Boston MA, Providence RI, & New York City. This was our week. Steve Prince organized a group of ski & snowboard models for the shoot. The group was made up of Saddleback employees Ian, Crissy, Bouf and Holland. We were fortunate to pick up an inch of snow overnight and the skies have turned into a bluebird day! The group ventured over… Read More >>

A Pleasant Surprise!

We are just wrapping up another successful weekend of skiing and riding. It was not as busy as we had hoped, it is difficult to compete with the weathermen who have been scaring the public about cold temperatures for the weekend. The other factor that worked against us was the negative perception of conditions following last Monday's weather event. I have talked with a lot of our customers during the past two days and the common theme was how pleasantly surprised they were to have the quality snow surfaces that we have. Despite the cold temperatures, we made a lot of people happy this weekend.

Today we hosted a MARA J3, 4, & 5 Giant Slalom race on the Grey Ghost. What is… Read More >>

The Park Gets Shaped & Groomed

We have been blogging the last few days about the transformation of the ski conditions on the trails and glades but have not discussed the park.Yesterday afternoon the park was reshape and groomed and it is in fantastic condition. We now have 14 elements including a new Saddleback half wall which is shown in the photo. The wall will open tomorrow after it sets in place for another night. As you can see, riders are enjoying the uprail next to the wall. Other elements include 3 huge jumps, up rail, a flat down rail, a double barrel rail and two flat boxes.

If you didn't ski today, you are missing a beauty. The winds from last night have diminished, we have wall to wall sunshine… Read More >>

Ready For The Weekend

If you have read our blog from yesterday, you already know how the crews have performed getting Saddleback in shape for the weekend. I will give you an update. We had another excellent night for snowmaking on Silver Doctor, Blue Devil, Jitterbug and upper Hudson Highway. The photo is of Silver Doctor yesterday morning. Snowmaking has moved off of these trails and tonight the groomers will push the snow into place and put a corduroy finish on them by opening time tomorrow. Snowmaking has now set up on Red Devil and will remain there for a day or two. It may be just a day as these temperatures will provide ideal conditions for producing a lot of snow in a very short time.

In…

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