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Snowmaking Moves To The South Branch Learning Area

One thing that we don’t talk much about is our South Branch beginner area. It is by far the nicest teaching area that I have seen anywhere in the East! Why? First of all, it is located below the base lodge area. Being set aside from the rest of the mountain means there are seldom any high speed skiers flying through which can be very intimidating. Second, the beginning skier or rider has the full length of South Branch’s Royal Tiger trail to get the feel of their skis or board, well before having to deal with loading onto a chairlift. The lift is a very nice modern Doppelmyer Quad which was installed in 2004. Finally, the size and variety of terrain makes it a fun area to… Read More >>

A Morning of Skiing With Survivor Bob

Survivor winner Bob Crowley spent the weekend here at Saddleback. He came Saturday as he is our spokesperson for the PEAK program. Yesterday was PEAK day and Bob had the pleasure to speak to the kids attending the program. Bob also pulled the winning name for the ski & snowboard raffle. The photo is of survivor Bob congratulating our raffle winner Walker Ellsworth.

Last night at the Swig’n Smelt Pub, I mentioned to Bob and his wife Peggy, that they should join us for the ski with management program at 7:30 AM. They had already turned their ski equipment in and the rental shop was closed. Now I think I know why Bob won survivor- he is very resourceful!  Bob went down… Read More >>

PEAK Day At Saddleback!

Today was PEAK Day at Saddleback and was it ever fun! PEAK stands for Promoting Education & Activities for Kids. Simply put, any Maine student up through 12th grade who makes the honor roll may purchase a Saddleback seasons pass for $49. We announced the program in September with Governor Baldacci and Survivor winner Bob Crowley. Since that time we have had close to 2,000 passes sold to honor roll students. Today was a day to celebrate their success!

Over 200 honor kids showed up to sign up for a raffle to win skis or a snowboard. They had a great day for skiing and riding. At 2:00 PM Survivor Bob Crowley was introduced to the kids on the sun deck and he spoke and… Read More >>

The Skiing Weatherman At Saddleback Aired Last Night In 33 US Markets

If you recall Monday’s blog, we spoke of our visit from the skiing weatherman, Herb Stevens. He was producing this week’s ski report at Saddleback. The ski report aired throughout the United States in 33 markets last night. I must say that it came out very well. Here is a link to view it. Remember this was shot Monday after we had received a bit of snow overnight.

So, as you could see from the clip, we have very good coverage and we are ready for the weekend. The headwalls of Tight Line and Supervisor will… Read More >>

A Promising Weekend Ahead

It looks to be a promising weekend ahead with lots of things to see and do at Saddleback and in Rangeley. First, the weather outlook is fantastic with good temperatures, sunshine and calm winds. The snow surfaces are groomed and ready and even the steep headwalls of Supervisor and Tight Line will be in the best possible shape. Even our local weather people are announcing that "this is a weekend to get outside and play". 

This will be a very active weekend for the Rangeley area. Saturday is PEAK Day, a day for honor roll students with Saddleback PEAK Passes to get together for a group photo and camaraderie. Bob Crowley, of survivor fame, will be here as well. Bob was our… Read More >>

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