Mother Nature can be so cruel! This day is one of those difficult days in the ski resort business. We invest lots of time and money to provide a quality ski vacation and then the weather turns foul and the high winds prevent the lifts from turning. So, we are all hunkered down in the base lodge waiting for this weather system to move through. The staff is just lying in wait, like a tightly coiled spring, ready to spring into action.

As soon as the mercury drops, the snow drains out a bit and the winds subside, the Saddleback team will spring into action to create the recovery. The snow makers will fire up the guns on Tricolor and the brand new grooming fleet of Pisten Bullys will till and smooth the surfaces. Fortunately, where we have made snow, we have laid it in deeply, so there is plenty of base to work with. The forecast is a good one, with some snow expected on the back end of this system and snow squalls throughout the week. The groomers will blend any additional accumulation into the base and after only a couple of grooming sessions, will create very skiable and enjoyable surfaces. The transition will be swift and today's weather event will become a faint memory. Tomorrow is another day! If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to .