When shopping for a new pair of skis, have you been confused as to what to buy? There are so many choices and the advertising hype can make for a very difficult buying decision. Even advice from friends or ski shop personnel does not guarantee that a particular ski is best suited for you. Saddleback Ski Shop Director Ian Grierson has the ultimate solution, introducing the Saddleback Try To Buy Program.

The Try To Buy Program is the ultimate demo plan. For $50 per day you can take your choice of demo skis to try out. You can swap skis during the day up to four times. You can participate in the plan for as many days as you like until you have finally decided on which pair that you wish to purchase. Once you decide, you can opt to either order a new pair from the manufacturer, or take the demo ski that you have just tested. All of the money that you have previously paid to demo is credited towards the purchase of the skis. Theoretically, you could rent your way to the full purchase price over time and not have to ever make one big outlay of cash for the purchase.

Ian has 75 pairs of skis to demo. The product lines are Volkl, Salomon, Dynaster and Rossignol. If you are skiing on old skis, once you try one of these demos you will not want to return to your skis ever again. I dare you! If you would like to write, send your thoughts to cklefos@saddlebackmaine.com .