The past three days of operating our ski resort has proved to be a very rewarding experience! It is fun when you know that the skiing product is in great shape and that our guests are having a genuinely good time.  The accolades and thank yous have been amazing!

Obviously, the holiday weekend brings a lot of new skiers & riders to the mountain. It is also a time when other resort season pass holders with pass blackout dates will visit us for the discount that we offer. New skiers and these other resort pass holders can’t help but make comparisons. The commentary has been overwhelming that Saddleback snow surfaces are currently the best in Maine!

Even at the end of the day yesterday, the packed powder snow textures have held up well under the holiday traffic.  Last night the grooming staff went back at it and put down the soft corduroy surface that we are growing accustomed to. After a good portion of the grooming was finished, Mother Nature blessed Saddleback with two inches of fresh powder. Two inches fresh on top over a groomed corduroy surface is hard to beat! The new snow has also refreshed the woods and they are skiing much better today.

The forecast is a good one, calling for snow to develop mid-day tomorrow and continuing into Wednesday. Our forecast calls for 4 to 8 inches of new snow by Wednesday. This will totally rejuvenate the glades and ensure that the trail surfaces remain powder and packed powder. With a powder day likely for Wednesday, you may want to put Saddleback into your plans!

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