Early this morning Taylor, Paul, Cooper, Ethan, Colby and Jared were putting the finishing touches on the last of the fourteen elements in our terrain park located on the Wheeler trail. What! Who are these guys and what do they do, you ask? These are the hand workers of the park or as they are affectionately referred to as "the diggers". They worked along side groomer Joe Haines until about midnight last night to freshen up the park for today. It was not long after the lifts started to turn this morning that the park became very popular. Skiers and riders had realized that the park elements had all been refreshed and the park is now in top shape.

Maintaining a park takes a lot of painstaking hand work. Yes, we do need alot of snowmaking and some talent in grooming and shaping of the original elements. However, in the end, it is the tedious hand work provided by our diggers that makes the elements work best. They spend hours each day smoothing and detailing each element. When not digging, their job is to promote safety in the park. You can identify the diggers by the green safety vest tied around their ankles. The vests were issued to them for easy identification. They do not like to use them as a vest so they unanimously decided to tie them around the lower leg. Now you know the story of what could have been mistaken as a fashion trend in the park.

Our park consists of fourteen elements including three huge jumps, a quarter wall, up rail, a flat down rail, a double barrel rail, a rainbow rail and two flat boxes. But what makes this park special is that it has its own double chairlift- the Sandy chair. This means that you can focus all of your time on the park and get in many more runs.  This lift is generally used exclusively by the park kids and there is seldom a lift line. So, if you or your kids like to play in a park, we invite you to play in ours this week.

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