Since my last blog and making mention the upper snowfields, I have received several emails asking me, what are the upper snowfields? So I asked our Director of Mountain Operations, Jimmy Quimby to define them for us.

 According to Jimmy Quimby, Saddleback’s summit snowfields stretch as far as the entire ridge of Saddleback Mountain. The summit snowfields have primarily been referred to as “the Summit,” but also as the Snowfields. Many years ago, the mountain used to tow people to the summit behind a snowmobile and there was a party-like atmosphere surrounding the summit. This area goes from the top of Muleskinner to the area directly over the top of America, and yes, there is more acreage available. Depending on snowpack, there is an easy 50-plus acres of skiing off both front and back side of the summit.

 The way the snowpack is right now, with a nice window right at the summit that is “cornice looking,”  skiing and riding to Muleskinner, Black Beauty, Frostbite, Warden’s Worry, Tight Line, and Supervisor are epic.  "You can walk up a well boot-tracked trail a couple hundred yards above Kennebago Quad and you’re on top of the world,” concluded Quimby.

 The 64 inches of snow that we have received during the past 7 days has put the snowfields into excellent shape. The weekend forecast calls for sunny days with pleasant temperatures. I predict the snowfields will be popular this weekend!

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