Despite almost two inches of rain and very high gusty warm winds, the mountain came through it all in fairly good shape. Back when we were making snow, we made a decision not to "dust & run" with snowmaking, instead to stay put and lay it in deep. Fortunately, we did and the result is that we were able to come away with very good cover. You can see by today's photo that the coverage is there. Another thing that we did was not to get on the snow too soon with the groomers. We were patient and waited until 4:00 AM to begin any grooming efforts. This gave the snow time to drain and begin to set up with the colder temperatures. Grooming earlier would have created those awful "death cookies" that we all hate. We sacrificed grooming time but we have a better product by waiting.

Now it is recovery time! Tonight we have two 8 hour shifts of groomers with up to 4 machines per shift. This will give us 56 machine hours on the mountain. You can cover a lot of ground during 56 hours! The winch will be working the headwalls of Tight Line and Supervisor. 100% of South Branch beginner trails will be groomed. All other machine made snow trails plus a few selected natural snow trails will all be groomed. This summer we had replaced all of our grooming fleet with new Pisten Bully machines with new state-of-the-art tillers - another excellent move for this situation. Snowmaking will fire up on the summit trails and run through Friday. By Saturday most summit trails will be re-surfaced and groomed. During the weekend we will spot guns where cover is thin, moving them as needed. Snow squalls and snow showers are expected throughout the week - this too will assist the groomers in their efforts. It will not be long when yesterday's weather event will be a distant memory.

I am off on Wednesday, so no blog until Thursday. Keep an eye on our ski reports for updates on trail counts. If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to