Well, the snow finally ended sometime last night, but not before depositing an additional 10 inches during the previous 24 hour period. That brought the storm total to 52 inches since Wednesday. This morning was "ski with the management day" - every Sunday we meet guests at the Rangeley chair at 7:30 AM and ski an hour with them until the lifts open at 8:30. So I was able to go product testing. The first run was a warm up down Green Weaver. Half was corduroy and skier’s right was about 6 to 8 inches of delightful powder. The groomers were foiled once again by Mother Nature. They groomed all night long only to have another dose of snow cover their corduroy. The third and last run was down Royal Coachman but when I got to Lower Professor, I could not help but to enjoy it's first tracks.  That was sweet!

After the coffee and muffins, I headed back out on the mountain with my wife, Lisa. Golden smelt was amazing. There was about a foot of fresh snow there, enough to keep your speed down and made the top steep section easy to ski. Supervisor and Tight Line were chopped up by the time we got to them but they were still fun. America must have been groomed last as it was a beautiful smooth carpet of corduroy all the way down through Red Devil.

The big news is that with all of this new snow, the upper snowfields are not just skiable but are in amazing shape. They were quickly discovered today and it did not take long before you could see a very long line of skiers at the summit waiting for their turn to ski them. The photo is a group hiking to the summit of the snowfields. Casablanca was also very popular today and there was a steady stream of traffic headed out towards Mule Skinner.

We have a forecast for 3 to 5 inches of new snow tonight and another 3 inches during the day Monday. That will keep surfaces fresh and provide for another powder day. The mountain is in the best shape of the season and every trail and glade is extremely well covered. If you can find away to play hooky, this would be a very good week to do so!

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