Did you ever look at a terrain park and wonder who thinks of all these different elements? There is a lot involved in creating a good terrain park, money too! It all begins with snowmaking. The snowmaking investment is huge. It takes a lot of snowmaking to make enough piles of snow that ultimately create the elements. The grooming equipment is also a great expense. However, the most important ingredient is the cutter! The man behind the wheel with the vision and experience to create the finished product. In our case it's Jared Emerson and Joe Haines.

Jared Emerson oversees the creation of our two parks. Two years ago, Jared attended Cutters Camp at Mount Hood in Oregon. This was a 6 day school whereby participants get to play in the latest and greatest grooming machines and learn the best techniques to create the best park features. Joe has been grooming this mountain for longer than most can remember, and also has the talent to maintain these features on a regular basis. Together, they create a really nice park.

Snowmaking operations finished on the Wheeler slope earlier this week. We let the snow cure and drain a few days prior to moving the snow. Jared is now in the process of moving large amounts of snow to start the features. This afternoon they will begin to take shape and in the morning will get their final finish for the weekend. Jared is building 3 huge jumps, a quarter wall, up rail, a flat down rail, a double barrel rail and two flat boxes. Well, you won't find me in the park, but I am sure there will be lots use once it opens tomorrow.

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