Today was a typical Christmas day at a ski area. A quiet day with not a lot of skiers. Those that were here were laid back and in a festive mood. Christmas music was playing in the lodge and Santa was enjoying our slopes and visiting the children in the base lodge.

As today is the calm before the storm, I put my skies on to take a tour of our open trails to see first hand what our holiday guests will experience.  The snowmakers had spent days in the South Branch beginner area and it shows! There is a good deep base there on all of the trails and the mini terrain park in Gee Wiz is in good shape and is ready to go. The Wheeler slope was in good shape also and one large jump had just been built. Other elements features to that park will be added during the next few days. The Grey Ghost & the Green Weaver are both in fabulous shape! Not a hint of ice, just wonderful packed powder conditions.

Today was the opening day of the Royal Coachman. As I long time fly fisherman, I have never had much luck with the Royal Coachman fly. I was hoping that the Royal Coachman trail would be a better experience. So, I pointed the skies down the fall line. Yes, it skied very well indeed. A couple of steep pitches and rolls and very narrow, which kept me on my game. The snow there was good but after another grooming session it will be as good as the Grey Ghost. Every trail with snowmaking will not disappoint. The open natural snow trails are thin, and skiers & riders need use some caution. One more snow storm will solve that issue, so lets all think snow soon! Have a very merry Christmas and some great holiday skiing! If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to .