Today I feel as though I am at Whistler- damp but not rainy with a low ceiling and mild at 38 degrees. For the few skiers who are here today, the skiing is amazing! If you read my blog a few days ago about the comparison of skiing surfaces to food, today the snow was like butter. Another description would be hero snow. It is soft but not heavy, forgiving, easy to turn on and even the steepest of steeps are effortless to edge and easy to ski.

Tomorrow should be much of the same except we do expect precipitation most of the day. It is not clear as to what form it will be. Our forecast is for a wintery mix. With a little luck we may remain mostly snow as elevation may become a factor. We shall see tomorrow!

Looking ahead to the rest of the week, temperatures are going to plummet! By Thursday night, we will be into the single numbers. We will see flurries and snow squalls Thursday into Friday. The weekend is looking to dry and seasonable which will provide a terrific mountain experience.

We have a new promotion for this next Sunday March 28th. We have proclaimed that day to be Facebook Saddleback Fan Appreciation Day. We are inviting all of our facebook fans to ski Sunday for only $29! All you have to do is to go onto the Saddleback Fan page, print off the first page, bring the page to the ticket desk and redeem it for $29 for a lift ticket. If you are not a fan, scroll to the bottom of our home page and click on the facebook icon and join. You too may ski Saddleback for just $29 this Sunday. We hope that you will participate.

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