There are very few ski resorts that make their own homemade soups, Saddleback is the exception! When visiting us this winter, be sure to have some our home made soups. While Hospitality Director JoAnne Taylor and Chef Carol Moore, take great pride in all of their food offerings, the soups are always front and center. Both Chef Carol and Jason Plog are the soup creators. Every thing is done from scratch with fresh ingredients and when possible, local ingredients. Both the New England clam chowder & the homemade chili have been first place winners of the Rangeley Chili cook off.

One of my favorites is the Chicken Marsala soup. It contains chicken, mushrooms and rice. The hot soup is ladled over fresh spinach, it is delicious! Other favorites are Split Pea served with fresh warm corn bread and the Black Bean Chorizo. Here are a few others that you can look forward to: Curried Chicken, Maine Seafood Chowder, Jambalaya, Shrimp Gumbo, Southwestern Corn Bisque and Beef Barley. They are all scrumptious. If you are here for a ski week, you may have enough time to try them all. If you would like to contact me, send me your thoughts at .