Late yesterday the snowmaking crew fired up the guns on Supervisor, Artula & Firefly. The cold temperatures and the diminished winds allowed the snowmaking crew to put down huge amounts of snow in a relatively short period of time. The snowmaking plan was to stay on Supervisor for a couple of days before moving to Tight Line. Upon inspection of the snowmaking progress, the plan quickly changed. Because of the amount of snow produced, we decided to save a day of snowmaking and to start pulling guns from Supervisor and relocate them to Tight Line. We are still in the process of moving, but very soon we will have all of Tight Line lit up top to bottom as pictured here from an earlier snowmaking push.

It is my opinion that the quality and texture of our machine made snow is second to none! Our snowmaking system is an airless system with large fan guns. These guns work exceptionally well at cold temperatures like what we had during the past four days. We also use an additive called Drift. This additive creates a nucleus for the snow crystals to form around, giving the snow flakes much more body and keeping the snow much drier resulting in softer surfaces. At Saddleback, we also stay on a trail much longer than most other ski areas because our philosophy is to produce a quality snow.  Leaving a deep base (vs. thin cover) allows the groomers more base to work with creating a better quality snow surface.
We will stay on Tight Line until Thursday, let it cure and drain for a while, and then groom it for the weekend. This weekend's forecast is looking terrific with moderate temperatures and tranquil conditions!  I hope you can be here to enjoy the new snow on Supervisor & Tight Line!

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