In Sunday's blog, we were moaning about the weather and the seemingly doom and gloom brought on by high winds, warm weather and rain. Just as promised, both snowmaking and grooming crews have done an exceptional job providing good surfaces on most of our open trails. Mother Nature also changed her tune and provided four inches of new snow last night. This bit of new snow has allowed some of the natural snow trails to re-open.

This weeks forecast is taking shape and is very exciting. Two weather systems in the west seem to be converging to create one large system. Should this system track as thought, it will be a huge east coast snow event. A nor'easter! It is thought to be a slow mover and may hang in the Gulf of Maine for an extended period of time. What does this mean for Saddleback? Possibly snow for the entire weekend and could mean feet of snow, not a foot of snow. So, cross your fingers and channel positive thoughts for this storm to track in our direction. Make your plans now for a powder weekend! I believe we still have one or two condo units available. You can check by calling 1-877-864-5441.

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