Skiers and riders seem to be great weather watchers. And we need to be so bad forecasts from the coastal cities don't influence decisions that need to be based on mountain forecasts.  After all, we don't to miss a good day on the slopes. I was a bit worried about all of the doom and gloom forecasts throughout the week that skiers would not show up today. I am delighted to say that was not the case and we have a very robust day underway with close to 2,000 skiers & riders enjoying a mostly sunny Saddleback with an all-out BBQ on the deck. We had pretty good indications by Thursday that the coastal storm now underway in the Northeast would remain south of here. So far, it has. We may get grazed by the tail end of the storm later tomorrow. If so, it will begin as snow late morning with a possible change over in the later afternoon and then end as snow Sunday night. Any precipitation will be on the light side for us. So dress properly and you will have another fun day at Saddleback.

We have a new addition at Saddleback. Due to the success of the Crepe Tent during the President's Holiday week, we are now presenting the Mooselook Crepe Shack, located in front of the base lodge and pictured here in this blog. There you can choose from a wide variety of delicious sweet crepes. For the 1st day of operation, it seems to be very popular.

Remember, tomorrow is ski with management day. Every Sunday we meet at the Rangeley Double prior to 7:30 AM and ski for an hour with guests until the lifts open at 8:30 AM. It will be interesting tomorrow as we change to daylight savings time at 1 AM Sunday and lose an hour's sleep. It will be like skiing at 6:30 AM Eastern Standard time. That should hold a few of you back. Tomorrow we will see who the hardy skiers are!

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