First, a big shout out and congratulations to Seth Wescott for his second Olympic gold medal! If you don’t know, Seth grew up in Farmington Maine, just 50 minutes down the road from Saddleback. As a kid, Seth learned to ski here at Saddleback and later started snowboarding here before going to school at Carrabassett Valley Academy and riding Sugarloaf. Seth still enjoys days here at Saddleback when he can.

Today, we hosted the 2010 Maine Principal’s Association Class B GS Championships on the Grey Ghost. It was a gorgeous sunny & mild day, perfect weather to be outside and on the mountain. There were 12 high school teams consisting of about 112 racers. The girls raced first followed by the boys. The winning girl was Erin Luce of Mount Abrams and the winning boy was Alexander Gowen of Falmouth.

Skiers who made their way to Casablanca & Mule skinner this morning were pleasantly surprised. It seems that yesterday's 2 inch snowfall was redistributed by last night's winds and both trails were the recipients of the drifting snow. Also, the rime ice has been falling off of the trees. This combination of events has put both Casablanca & Muleskinner in beautiful shape. With snow in the forecast tonight through Thursday, the glades and natural snow trails will be refreshed and will provide great skiing for the remainder of this holiday week.

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