We are on the home stretch of the school vacation week with just two more days to go. So far, it has been a fabulous experience, both for management and our guests. It is also shaping up to possibly be a record breaking week for us. That we will not know until all of the accounting is done early next week. Every day this week has produced a similar number of skiers & riders. From all of the comments from our guests, their expectations were more than met.

This morning we experienced a big day in the rental shop. It was observed that many of the renters were wearing some sort of snowmobile garb. One may theorize that with the snowmobile trails in less than ideal shape, some folks are opting to ski instead. The Ski School has experience their record breaking week for sure. Children’s lessons are up 176% over last year's February! They are also teaching many more advanced lessons to adults than what normally takes place. Big increases in both the Ski School and Rental Shop bodes well for Saddleback’s future.

As busy as we have been, the mountain is so vast that it does not seem like a holiday on the trails. The Rangeley Double and the South Branch Quad have had very busy corrals at times but the Kennebago Quad has seen only short lines. It shows that our comfortable carrying capacity on mountain greatly exceeds the capacity of the base facilities. Trail conditions are also holding up well thanks to the extensive grooming tactics used each night. I explained that a bit in yesterday’s blog.

It looks to be a good weekend ahead with some sunshine and very nice temperatures in the high 20’s. We have a concert scheduled for 8:00 PM Saturday night. Bruce Marshall will be entertaining us in the fireplace room of the lodge. Tickets are just $10 and proceeds go to the Rangeley Ski Scholarship Fund. Don’t forget skiing with management Sunday morning. Meet us at the Rangeley Chair at 7:30 AM and ski with us for an hour prior to the opening of the lifts. We hope to see you there!

If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to cklefos@saddlebackmaine.com