If you have read our blog from yesterday, you already know how the crews have performed getting Saddleback in shape for the weekend. I will give you an update. We had another excellent night for snowmaking on Silver Doctor, Blue Devil, Jitterbug and upper Hudson Highway. The photo is of Silver Doctor yesterday morning. Snowmaking has moved off of these trails and tonight the groomers will push the snow into place and put a corduroy finish on them by opening time tomorrow. Snowmaking has now set up on Red Devil and will remain there for a day or two. It may be just a day as these temperatures will provide ideal conditions for producing a lot of snow in a very short time.

In addition to snowmaking & grooming, Mother Nature provided us with another 4 inches of natural snow overnight. This brings the 60 hour total to 8 inches. Every inch makes a difference, especially in the glades. We were able to re-open many of the glades including Casablanca. We are ready for the weekend with a good skiing product. A total of 58 trails & glades are expected to be open. It is not apt to be a busy weekend, so it will be a great weekend to visit for some quality skiing and riding without the crowds. I hope that you will take advantage.

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