PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) held an instructor's clinic at Saddleback today. The clinic was well attended with 30 instructors from various New England resorts.  Seven instructors took their level one exam. Saddleback had three instructors in this exam and all three passed and are now level one PSIA certified instructors. Congratulations to Holland Hughes, Kris Ohlson and Patti Howe!

Here is the latest update for Saddleback’s weather:  Snow has started to fall and the temperature is 30 degrees and dropping. The forecast calls for two separate storms tonight through Wednesday. It will snow heavier late tonight and taper off mid-day tomorrow. A second storm develops late Wednesday and continues well into Thursday. Snow showers stick around, off and on, until a third storm develops late Friday. It is anyone’s guess how much we will get.  I put the forecasts together and I figure 8” to 12” by Thursday. Then by Sunday, 18” to 24” or so.

I just off the phone with Herb Stevens, The Skiing Weatherman. Herb says that Saddleback has “a lock on for 20” to 30” by Sunday.” He also said that we will stay all snow at Saddleback and that the moisture content of the snow will be high and the snow will be heavy.  This is perfect as we need to build our natural snow bases in the woods and on the natural snow trails in order to deliver a good March and a long spring ski season. A series of storms like this would be perfect! So cross your fingers and let's all "will" these storms in. Break out the fat skis and get ready for several powder days at Saddleback!

I will have my day off tomorrow - perfect timing for a day of skiing. The next blog will be Thursday with a storm update. If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to