All indications are that the weather and skiing will be great for next weeks vacation period. The last of the snowmaking ended this morning on Royal Tiger in the South Branch area. Tonight that trail will get a thorough grooming and will be in super shape for ski & snowboard teaching. We have made a lot of during the past two weeks. All of our snowmaking trails are very well covered and surfaces are packed powder. We picked up 2 inches of snow last night which created a velvety surface for today’s skiers. We expect to get a bit more snow Wednesday night. Beginning Thursday, we are looking at a nice stretch of sunny weather and pleasant temperatures well into the holiday week. Todays photo gives you an idea of how good things are on the mountain.

In the spirit of the midwinter holiday week, we are erecting a special crepe tent in the front of the base lodge. The tent will seat about 50 persons. There will be a variety of food offerings. A couple of examples of food offerings will be a choice of chicken stew or short ribs served in a bread bowl.  The main attraction will be crepes. They will be of the sweet variety and will include apple caramel walnut, strawberry amaretto, nutella & banana and cinnamon & sugar. They are all delicious and you may have trouble deciding a flavor. I hope that you will treat yourself to one or more during your visit.

I am off on Wednesdays so no new blog until Thursday. If you are skiing tomorrow you may see me on the mountain. If you would like to contact me, send your thoughts to