One of the most successful programs instituted at Saddleback this year has been our PEAK program. PEAK is an acronym for Promoting Education & Activities for Kids. Simply stated, any Maine student up through 12th grade who makes the honor roll during either the first or second marking period is entitled to receive a Saddleback season pass for just $49! As of today, 1,472 honor roll students have taken us up on the offer.

There have been many stories about how this incentive has worked for both parents and students. I see the joy and pride in the student's eyes when they come in for their photo and to pick up their pass. The Saddleback season pass has become a real badge of honor for these students. The reason for mentioning this in the daily blog is that the end of next marking period is rapidly approaching. There is still time for a student to buckle down, work hard and get on that honor roll. The best part of our ski season is February, March and April. So, nudge your children at bit, let them learn the "work for reward" concept and reward them with the healthy outdoor activity of skiing or riding at Saddleback this February, March & April!

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