Yesterday we invited PEAK pass holders to another PEAK day at Saddleback. If you don’t know, PEAK stands for Promoting Education and Activities for Kids. Simply put, any Maine student up through grade 12 that makes the honor roll is eligible to have a Saddleback season's pass for only $49! Yesterday we put a raffle together to win 3 PEAK passes for next season and had a group photo with our celebrity spokesperson, survivor Bob Crowley. Pictured here are the lucky raffle winners with survivor Bob.

This PEAK program was extremely successful. It gave students great motivation to push themselves with their grades and made parents & teachers very happy. We have heard countless stories of how PEAK made a big difference in many families’ lives. We also introduced Saddleback to many families whom had never been to Saddleback. Yesterday at the group photo op, we officially announced that the Saddleback PEAK program will continue next winter. All students who participated this year will need to work hard in school next fall to qualify for another Saddleback PEAK season pass. Additional great news, Survivor Bob Crowley will continue as our celebrity spokesperson for PEAK. He too, will have a season’s pass and we can expect to see Bob and his wife Peggy at Saddleback much more often.

This morning, both Bob and Peggy Crowley joined us for ski with management. We had a group of 28 today. We had three fabulous runs before breaking for coffee and muffins. We had a real treat, skiing the entire length of Peachy’s Peril on groomed surfaces. It was fabulous! Usually Peachy’s is left natural, so skiing it as a groomed trail was very special. It was so good that after coffee & muffins, we had to back out and do it again!

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