It has been a wonderful New Year's Day of skiing at Saddleback. I was able to join my wife Lisa for a full morning of skiing. We had been blessed with 4 inches of snow overnight, so the surfaces were a lovely powder to start. On our fourth run, we ran into Brammie & Warren Cook and we skied the Royal Coachman together. The snow was a nice packed powder with some piles of soft powder to blow through. Light snow has been falling all day and we have picked up an additional 1 to 2 inches during the day.

More news on the storm, light snow is expected to become a moderate snowfall throughout the night. The forecasters are saying another 6 to 10 inches of accumulation by morning. The thinking is that the storm will get pulled back from the gulf of Maine by Saturday afternoon. If so, snow will become heavy at times and an additional foot could accumulate by Sunday morning. Additional light snow will continue into Monday. We have decided that any of our condo guests that want to be "snowed in" Sunday night, can remain in their unit for an additional $40 plus tax per person. What a great excuse for another day of skiing!

If you are here Saturday, be sure to join us in the fireplace room of the lodge at 4:00 PM for a casual meet & greet with our Director of Development, Chris Farmer. At 5:00 PM Our CEO & General Manager, Warren Cook will join us and address the group with some details about Saddleback's exciting future. We will have some munchies and refreshments. I hope that you will join us. Meanwhile, focus on channeling your thoughts, and lets all help to wish that storm back to us late Saturday as forecast.

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