I was just asked, if I had big plans for New Years Eve. Yes I do! Right after our fireworks go off (8:00 PM at the base lodge), home for a New Years toast, then looking at the back of my eyelids, hopefully sound asleep. This has become my New Years tradition. Why? Because, New Years day is one of the best days to ski. The plan is to be up early, hangover free and ready to ski!

Skiing on January 1st is fantastic! It is a legal holiday, yet nobody is here until half day begins. Even after half day starts, it is very un-crowded. Tomorrow looks as if there may be some new natural snow to enjoy, so an even better reason to give up the night for a great ski day at Saddleback. If you purchase a lift ticket on New Years day, you can purchase a ticket for Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys for just $10. The concert is the same day at 8:00 PM at the fireplace room in the base lodge.

I have a weather update. Snow has just started to fall. According to the National Weather Service, there are three systems coming our way. The first has arrived and will pass through by early Friday. The other two will converge and move up the coast. That storm will affect us tomorrow afternoon & evening. The second storm should mix with the first out in the Gulf of Maine, and then the combination of all three should pull back towards the coast, bringing the heaviest snowfall Saturday and early Sunday. Be prepared for an exciting powder weekend!

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