Yesterday’s loss is today’s gain! We lost a day of skiing & riding yesterday due to some very wild weather. Winds were gusting in the neighborhood of 70 mph and the snow was blowing sideways. It was impossible to run a lift. Snow and wind were with us all night - the result- 28 inches of new accumulation by this morning! There was alot of moisture content in the snow making ideal base-building accumulation. The groomers worked hard through the night packing as many trails as possible. Packing the snow as quickly as possible to keep it on the trails was a very good (and rare) strategy. This morning you could not even tell that it had been groomed as Mother Nature covered the corduroy with another layer of new & drifting snow.

The big beneficiary of the snowfall was the natural snow trails and the glades. Any thin scratchy areas have disappeared. A group of our adventuresome employees decided to sleep overnight in one of our summit shelters. It must have been a wild ride through the night with all that howling wind. The idea was first tracks from the summit through Casablanca. They were elated when I saw them first thing this morning. They claimed that there was at least 3 feet of new snow in those glades. The new snow had leveled surfaces, all the bumps and blemishes are gone and the skiing is as good as it gets! The wind does benefit Casablanca as that is where the wind-blown snow settles. The photo here is Casablanca. Today with no lift to get you there, these skiers really earned their turns!

It continues to snow lightly and the winds are winding down. We operated three lifts today as the Rangeley and Kennebago are still on a wind hold. Tonight & tomorrow we expect to continued snowfall but little to no wind. All those un-skied trails accessible to the Kennebago and Rangeley are lying in wait for all of you Saturday skiers & riders, come and get it!

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