The snow finally ended here late last night, but not before depositing another 10 to 12 inches Sunday & Sunday night. Although, it is hard to keep track of the totals, it adds to 44 or 46 inches since it all began last Thursday night. We now have our base, winter has officially begun at Saddleback!

All this snow has enabled most of the terrain to be open, including Casablanca. Now that Casablanca has been open for a day and a half, we are beginning to hear the customer reviews. They are absolutely amazing. One skier was heard to say that "he could not believe that that glade is on this mountain, it's the best terrain that he had skied anywhere in the East!" Wow! From all of the chatter about Casablanca that I heard, I would have to conclude that Casablanca is a huge hit. This is just the beginning of the creation of Casablanca. It will be one or two more summers of glading before the entire acreage of Casablanca is thinned to our satisfaction. When finished, there will be so many possible lines, it may take you a whole season, and you still will not have skied them all. I hope that you will venture into Casablanca on your next visit.

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