Today was our busiest day of the year so far. We had all types of skiers and riders from all around New England. The most interesting group here was a visit by Maine Handicapped Skiers. We had 24 members of the club. These members were part of their racing program and it was their first time ever at Saddleback. They are based at Sunday River.

I was speaking with one of their long time coaches of more than 20 years, Rob Brennon. He tells me that there are more than 200 students in the Maine Handicapped Skiing Program. They have over 300 volunteer coaches and that this is one of the biggest programs in the country. The program remains a free program, meaning no charge for the lift ticket or for the coaching. The group today was racers. They race in the Diana Golden Cup Series of which there are at least six events in the East. They have a budget to race in four events. Visibility was tough today, so they could not get the visual appreciation for our mountain. However, they did like the snow very much and are looking forward to their return next month.

Tomorrow morning is skiing with the management. Meet us at the Rangeley Double Chair at 7:30 and we will ski a few runs with you prior to the lift opening at 8:30. I hope to see you there!

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