Today was my day to take the photo of the day for this website. It was also an opportunity to get around the mountain to see how we were doing with the recovery from Monday's weather event. What I experienced was very impressive! The snowmaking & grooming teams have done an incredible job and the skiing was very good. Royal Coachman was a corduroy carpet including the steeps that are usually left to be natural. Lots of the natural snow trails such as lower Professor, lower Jane Craig and lower Peachy's Peril were also groomed. Green Weaver was very nice and Supervisor and Tight Line were in excellent shape as both headwalls were groomed with a consistent surface all the way to the yurt. The snowmakers were moving their guns around on Silver Doctor & Blue Devil and really pounding those trails with new machine made snow. We still have lots of tree debris in the woods & glades. The crews are getting around with some chain saws to clean that up during the next week. The snow in the woods is good and very skiable, so once we clean them up at bit, they will be go to go.

So, Kudos to the snowmakers & groomers! The nighttime groomers Ted, Owen, Melvin, Glen, Joe and Tucker led by Scott Knight and Chris Hall deserve a standing ovation. The day crew for snowmaking led by Sean Welton includes Sam, Jeff, Kevin, Will and George - hats off to you guys too for providing the nicest machine-made snow product in the East! Keep that Drift additive pumping because it makes the difference! We are receiving snow as I write this and we are expecting 4 to 6 inches tonight, so even Mother Nature is helping us out. The weekend should be great. I hope that you will make it to Saddleback and see what we can do in just a few days of hard work and good equipment.

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