Today we hosted a USA Snowboard Association Slopestyle event in our Free Rider Terrain Park. It was an exciting event with lots of big air and a wide variety of tricks. The three top winners in the oldest group of boys were all Saddleback boys. Team Saddleback dominated the event. Andrew Boufard (Bouf) took top honors. His front side rodeo seven, switchback rodeo 9 and the 180 over the barrel convinced the judges that he was #1! Bouf also won “the hottest trick” award.  Bouf is our #1 snowboard coach in the Saddleback Ski School.  Stockton Archard took second place and brother, Cooper Archard was third. Stockton’s best trick was a corked 720 & Cooper’s was a 720 on to the double barrel and 720 out.

The park is in great shape from all of the preparation for this event. Tomorrow would be a great time to jump in and play on the 14 elements that are in there. Bouf is around most of the time and is available to give some very high caliber snowboard instruction. To assure you get Bouf, a phoned in reservation would be a good idea.

The holiday week is now behind us and we will be back to our normal routine this week. It was a fabulous week for Saddleback as we broke many records. The snow has held out amazingly well. I was able to take a half dozen runs today and I found that packed powder still prevails as the primary surface just about every where on the mountain. It looks like some new snow is finally on the horizon for us this week. I think that I will wait another day before making any bold predictions. Tune in tomorrow!

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